License Manager Manco .NET Licensing System is the powerful licensing and copy protection software for .NET Windows Forms, WPF, WCF, WWF and ASP.NET applications, controls and components. It consists of 9 major parts:

  1. Protection library performs all operations on validating license rules, like test license expiry or check Unlock Key validity. Protection library is available for .NET Framework 4.0, 4.5, .NET Windows 8.1 Store applications and .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and 3.5.
  2. Data Service is the single access point to the database with licensing data. This is the WCF Data Service which provides data for License Manager and Activation Web Service. It can be hosted internally in the License Manager or in the IIS as web service.
  3. License Manager is the full functional application for complete license and customer management. It provides functionality on integrating protection to your product and allows synchronizing data with remote Data Service.
  4. Activation Web Service is the web service that allows online product activation and validation. This product can generate Activation Keys that binds software licenses to the particular PC. It also can communicate with e-Commerce services (like RegNow or ShareIt!) in order to create necessary software licensing information like Unlock Keys and/or license files.
  5. License Shop is the web-based (Silverlight) tools for complete customer and license management. Using it you can issue licenses and keys outside your office just using any Silverlight-ready PC.
  6. Floating License Service is the WCF service that allows centralized license distribution and concurrent using of licenses. It can be installed either into your client's network or on your side.
  7. Database Manager is the application which install new or upgrade existing database, and allows copy licensing data from one database to another.
  8. Protected Storage Cleaner is the free application which can be installed to the PC and/or servers which are used to test protected application and which need not to have License Manager is installed in. It is used to clear protected storage from the old licensing data.
  9. Encryptor is the console application which performs encryption operations from the command line. It makes possible automation of the encryption during application building process (from the Visual Studio, for example). This application uses the same license as License Manager use (share it with License Manager). Using of this utility is allowed in the "Professional Edition" and high.

Manco .NET Licensing System uses very flexible licensing schema with following main features:

  1. Strong license file and unlock key encryption.
  2. Flexible license file content allows creation lots of different licensing schemas.
  3. 47 predefined rules and unlimited number of custom values provide you with flexibility in selection of licensing schema.
  4. Custom values allows you storing any additional information in the license file, so you can lock/unlock some features of your product, or make some additional tests to validate license.
  5. Manco .NET Licensing System allows creation of the Time/Usage limited evaluation version of your product that is limited by running time (you can set expiration date or number of days before license expiration), number of runs and some features of the product.
  6. You can protect your .NET product using license file or strong encrypted Unlock Key. Additional user data (like product edition or number of the concurrent sessions) can be included to the Unlock Key. Manco.Licensing protection library then extract this data and allows using it in the code for additional validations.
  7. Online product activation and validation. Activation Web Service allows to automate the process of the license activation (binding license to the PC hardware). It also makes possible to validate license online. Multiple activations for single license file or Unlock Key are allowed.
  8. Our system uses strong RSA encryption to sign license files.
  9. Built in support for product editions and feature lists. Using custom attributes and properties of the license object you can very easy assign product functionality to the different application editions, or even specify list of the features are available for customer.
  10. Subscription licensing. Subscription model for licensing is very often used to limit licensed product with number of days or specific date. For example, you can desire to limit your customers by one year of your product using. Manco .NET Licensing System provide 2 ways to set subscription expiration date: by encrypting it into the Unlock Key and by set it in the license file.
  11. Manco .NET Licensing System allows you to encrypt the application data, source code and binaries with following using of the encrypted data and code in your application. Manco.Licensing protection library allows you dynamically decrypt, compile, load and use encrypted code in runtime.
  12. Citrix and Terminal Server support. In the Citrix or Terminal Server environment there is 1 PC only (hardware profile), but it can run multiple sessions. Manco .NET Licensing System can automatically detects, that protected application runs on a Citrix or Terminal server and request a license for each connected client PC.
  13. Source code integration allows including of the protection library right in code of your application.
  14. Concurrent user licensing. For example, you sell to a company with 100 computers, and they install your software on all their PCs. However you only have to issue one license and register it on the Floating License Web Service that all 100 computers can connect to. You can specify how many PCs are allowed to use this license concurrently (10, for example) and that license will only allow 10 users to use your software at one time.
  15. Component/Control licensing. Manco.Licensing System provides a complete solution for component and control developers.
  16. License and Activation e-Mail. Activation Web Service automatically sends e-Mail with licensing information when creates it in automatic mode. It also sends e-Mail with activation code to the customer in case the product is activated successfully. Manco License Manager allows you to send e-Mails with licenses and Unlock Keys to the customers in one click. Manco Licensing System can be configured so every version of every product will have own confirmation and/or activation letter or some products can share the same one.
  17. Notification e-Mail. The License Manager allows you sending e-Mail to the group of customers from the "Customers" page. Not available from the evaluation version.
  18. Embedded license file. License file currently can be used as embedded resource in the application. It can be useful for the applications that uses "Unlock Key" licensing schema. In this case you don't need to distribute any external files with your application.
  19. Import information about purchases from the auto-response forms. If you sale your products by the internet store or e-Commerce server (like RegNow, ShareIt! etc.) then you get order confirmation letters from them. You can copy and paste information about the purchase on the field by field base, but it's more comfortable and easy just to copy-paste a whole letter to the form and allow License Manager to import it to the system.

Manco .NET Obfuscator.

Manco .NET Obfuscator It is not a secret the programs written for .NET are easy to reverse engineer. This is not in any way a fault in the design of .NET. It is simply a reality of modern, intermediate-compiled languages. Code obfuscation is a form of software protection against unauthorized reverse-engineering.

Manco .NET Obfuscator is designed to convert .NET assemblies into the form which is hard to read after de-compiling to the languages like C# or VB.NET. It has following main features:

  1. Obfuscate name of the classes, fields, methods and other elements, which aren't a public.
  2. String encoding is used to hide string constants in application so they aren't appear in the obfuscated binaries in the original form. This feature is available in the "Standard Edition" and high.
  3. Control flow protection adds spaghetti logic into your code. This logic can be quite difficult to analyze. Using of the control flow protection also protect your code from de-compilation to C# or VB.NET with tools like Reflector. This feature is available in the "Professional Edition".
  4. Total obfuscation allows obfuscating the major assembly and its dependencies in 1 process. It makes possible hiding of the public members of all assemblies in project as well as private or internal members of the single assembly.
  5. Resign assemblies after obfuscation using SNK or PFX files.
  6. Support obfuscation of the assemblies created for .NET Framework 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, Windows Store applications and .NET Compact Framework 2.0 and 3.5.

Manco.Obfuscator is provided in the 2 forms: as Windows application with GUI interface and as console application which can be run from the command line or from the Visual Studio.

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