License Manager Manco Shapefile Editor is a powerful and very convenient tool for creating and editing geospatial information including ESRI shape files, KML files and corresponding data.

Major features of the Manco Shapefile Editor:

  1. Convenient editing of shapes geometry. Almost like in any vector graphic editor.
  2. Edit corresponding data "on the fly". For editing single shape's data you just need to select it.
  3. You can edit multiple shapes and multiple layers simultaneously. You can edit geometry of multiple shapes at one time.
  4. Multiple layers can be saved as a single project, with corresponding z-order of the layers.
  5. Layers can be exported to the popular geospatial data formats. ESRI shape files and KML are supported currently.
  6. Vectorization tool allows you to create a layer from any image (map or floor plan), edit and then save it using supported geospatial data format.
  7. Data editing is really simple. All you need to do is just to select a layer and edit data in the table. There is a specific convenient editing template for each data type in table.
  8. Predefined shape libraries. For your convenience the shapes which can be placed over the map are organized into the libraries. You can use existing libraries of the shapes or create your own for particular tasks. For example, you can create shape library for floor plan which will include typical elements like doors, windows, tables, chairs and so on.
  9. Deep integration with Telerik RadMap control. Projects created with Manco Shapefile Editor can be easily loaded into the RadMap control in your application.
  10. Printing of the layers and map.

System requirements:

  1. .NET Framework 4.5 or high.
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Three reasons why it's a worthy product to buy:

1. Comprehensive set of features.

2. Price starts at just $100.00 which makes this product #1 on the market correlating Price - productivity.

3. You get excellent support with this product absolutely free.

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