Notification e-Mail

License Manager allows you send e-Mails to your customers. You can do it from the “Products” or “Customers” tab. To send a message “License Manager” uses one of the e-Mail configurations are presented on the “e-Mail Configuration” tab.

Before we could send e-Mail we should create e-Mail configuration. Select “e-Mail Configuration” tab in the License Manager. Click Add new e-Mail toolbar button. New e-Mail configuration will be added. Rename it (“My product update notification” for example). Most fields on the e-Mail configuration view are good known for most people are using e-Mails in their practice.

Sample e-Mail configuration

Following fields are required:

  1. From – your e-Mail address.
  2. Subject.
  3. SMTP Server – URL or IP address of the SMTP server will be used to send e-Mail.
  4. If your SMTP server requires authentication then you should check “Use SMTP Authentication” checkbox and fill “User” and “Password” fields.

E-Mail template is presented as XSLT description. To send e-Mail you should load XSLT description from the file. Click Load XSLT button button and select XSLT file to load. See Appendix A for structure of XML data passed to the XSLT for transformation.

If you’d like to send license file as e-Mail attachment then you should check “Include License File” checkbox.

If you’d like to send some files as e-Mail attachment then you should add them to the attachment list:

  1. Click Add new e-Mail button. Empty attachment row appears.
  2. Enter full file name or click Select attachment. button at the right of the text box.
Sample e-Mail configuration

When all necessary fields will be filled in click Save changes toolbar button to save changes made.

Send e-Mail from the “Products” tab

  1. In the License Manager go to the “License types” tab and click the “Mange sales” button: License Manager - Manage sales

  2. In the “Manage sales” window select customer you’d like to send e-Mail to.
  3. In the “Sales” list of this customer select sales you’d like to include to the message by checking checkbox at the left of the correspondent sale record. You can select as many sales as you’d like or don’t select anyone if you need not to include information about sales into the e-Mail. License Manager - Manage sales window

  4. Select e-Mail configuration in the combo box or leave it empty to send default e-Mail. The default e-Mail is one which is configured as “Purchase Letter” in the Version view.
    Sales list - sale selected.
  5. Click Send e-Mail. button.

Send e-Mail from the “Customers” tab

  1. Go to the “Customers” tab and search for the customers (see details in the Search customers using License Manager).
  2. By default you can’t select multiple customers in the grid. Click Select multiple customers. to allow multiple clients selection.

  3. Select customers you’d like to send e-Mail to. Note: pay attention, only customers from the current page will be processed. If you need send an e-Mail for more customers at once then change customers view page size using correspondent control in the toolbar: Customer list page size.

  4. Select e-Mail configuration you’d like to use to send in the “Select e-Mail” combo box: Select e-Mail configuration.
  5. Click Send e-Mail. button.

This functionality is not available from the evaluation version.

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