Floating License Service

The Floating License Service (FLWS) is the WCF service that allows centralized license distribution and concurrent using of licenses. It can be installed into the client network or somewhere in the Internet. It works as following:

  1. Actual licenses for licensed application are stored in FLWS protected storage.
  2. When starting protected application request FLWS for actual license file.
  3. FLWS check for license file available for this particular application.
  4. If there is one FLWS read rules which manage server side license validation and concurrent using of licenses from this license.
  5. If there is rule which limit number of the concurrent using (“FLSW Number of the simultaneous runs”) then FLWS check how many PCs are using protected software already. If this number is less than allowed then it continues processing. Otherwise it returns empty string to caller.
  6. Next FLWS check the rules which control server side license validation (“FLSW Validate Activation Key” and “FLSW Validate Activation Key Online”). If these rules are presented then FLWS perform local Activation Key validation, and, if necessary remote license validation using Activation Web Service. If Activation Key is valid, then FLWS sends actual license to the protected application.

This schema is very useful when protected application is used by big company with many PCs or handhelds with Windows Mobile where protected software is installed in. Using Floating License Web Service you can provide organization wich has 100 PCs where you software is installed in with single license file (otherwise you have to create 100 licenses). Moreover, you can set in this license file how many PCs are allowed to run your software concurrently. For example, you can set that only 10 from 100 PCs can use your software simultaneously.

The floating license model support offline license using during specified timeframe. FLWS is able to unlock licenses automatically using time-frame rule set. For example, if locked license is older than 5 days then it should be unlocked. This feature works in conjunction with ability to use floating license offline.

FLWS serve licenses on per-company basis. It means that FLWS checks whether the company-author of the software is licensed to use service when license is requested. During evaluation time the only one company-author is supported: “Manco Software”.

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