Helping you build something amazing: Our primary goal is to help our customers save time and money in their software development effort, by providing powerful building blocks that allow them to focus on the business logic, core value, and primary function of their application or website.

Our clients say:

"I am very happy with how everything is working for the issuing of unlock keys and online activation."
"I am very happy with your technical support service which is the main reason I am dumping the other systems I have been testing and going with your solution."

Matthew Stanton,
Insight Project Systems Pty Limited

"Iím very impressed by the support Manco Software provides for its software. Our questions were answered quickly and they helped us to implement their solution by supplying samples specifically for our situation."

Jeroen Bijleveld,
Solution Architect,
In Summa (The Netherlands)

"We had purchased a full licensing package (including source, mobile, webservice, and several license manager seats) and itís been working mostly well for us. Your support has been excellent and we appreciate all the help we have received in implementing your licensing solution."

Brian Chow,
New West Technologies, Inc.

"Thank you very much ... your approach to customer service is greatly appreciated!"

Mindsystems Pty Ltd

"Again your support has been excellent pre and post sale."

Bruce St.Clair ,
Mindsystems Pty Ltd

"Thanks so much for your attention and hopefully for a pointer to a VB.NET example project."

Jeffrey A. Cone,

"Thanks so much for great software!"

Ezra Diffrient,

"I have gotten everything working great with licensing so far"

Lee Alexander,

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