Data Sources:

Manco.Chart for Compact Framework have very flexible data load model that allows using literally any data source for charting. All what you need is create data provider class that allows obtaining of values by its category and series number. The Manco.Chart for Compact Framework provides data source classes for the array of doubles, XML, DataTable and DataView objects.

The XML document with chart data can have arbitrary structure. The data selection is represented by XPath expression. The only one rule exists for this data: the values should be addressed by category/series number or category/series name. It means that we should be able define XPath that address value by its category and series. For example:

"Chart/Data/Value[@Category='{0}' and @Series='{1}']/@Value"

Manco.Chart control can accept data from the System.Data.DataTable object. You can select how series and categories are represented (located in the columns or rows). You can set up what columns will be included to the chart.

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